Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving- Spring Honey Potato Salad

Its strange yet cool that my first post on this blog is thanksgiving day, but I cant think of a better starting date.
     My name is Mike and I love to cook. I'll write more about my in future posts, but for now I want to get right to my food. Here's whats up.

     I usually spend thanksgiving day at my grandmom's house. She cooks like crazy every holiday and puts out huge meals for the whole family.
     I went this year to, actually. So why did I put together a meal of magnitude once I got home?
     My girlfriend has Celiac, Which is an allergy to gluten, in things like bread and way more things than you would think. because of this, a good bit, but not all of my posts will probably be gluten free,
     As she has this allergy, she really cant come and eat with my family and me. And turkey being her favorite food, I had to do something.

     Meal : Pan-Seared Turkey, Grilled Onions, and Spring Honey Potato Salad

     First the Turkey
      My girlfriend is a turkey purist so I didnt do much in the way of unique flavors. Just a traditional turkey cooked on a hot skillet.

This is what you'll need!

3 Turkey Breads (About .90 lb total) 
Sesame oil to coat the pan
A few dashes of seseme seeds
a pinch of salt
a bit of parsley

     Toss the spices in right on top of the sizzling turkey, and cook on high until thoroughly done.
     After that, quickly slice up and onion into rings and throw it right into the delicious turkey juice. Cook until brown and soft. That takes care of the onion,
     One more dish to go.

     The Potato Salad!

     Despite the turkey usually being the highlight of thanksgiving, I kidn of thought of the potato salad as my main dish today. Probably because I'd never cooked potato salad at all before. Much less made something special out of it.
     This is what I call Spring Honey Potato Salad. And its probably the best I've ever had.
Here's what you'll need!

Honey Mayo-
     That's right. This recipe actually calls for you to make your own mayo. its a bit of a chore but it gives you al ot more options on any dish using it. This is the most important part so I'll start with it.

2 Egg yolks
5/6th cups of sunflour oil
Dash salt
Dash sugar
tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4th tsp cayenne pepper
1/4th tsp sesame seeds
1 to 2 tsp honey (It has a big impact. Add carefully.)

     Break out your egg yolks and put them in a mixing bowl with your sugar, salt and lemon juice. Put your mixer on slow (or your whisk hand on really really fast) and mix until smooth.
     Slowly drip in the oil as you continue to mix, making sure all the previous oil is absorbed before adding more.
     Once it's all been used up, check to make sure the consistancy is right. if it is watery add more oil and continue mixing untilyou have mayo consistancy. If its to solid, you mixed to much and may have to start over.
     Add the rest of the spices, mix briefly. Add the honey, mix once more.

Step 2 : The Actual Potatoes.

5 Skinned, Boiled, white potatoes (chopped bite sized but not microscopic )
1/3 white onion (Diced)
2 Boiled eggs
1/4 cup leek whites (Julienne)
2-3 dashes salt
2 cloves garlic (minced)
Honey Mayo to taste ( I used a bout a half of a cup, maybe a bit more.)

     Put the potatoes in the bowl, add everything else and mix well.
     If you dislike the acidic taste of raw onion you should lessen the mount of both onions and leeks accordingly. I actually put in a half onion and a half cup of leeks but some of my friends had trouble handling that much so I changed it on my blog.
     no appreciation for oniony bite *Sigh*
     (Potato salad keeps a week and a half, but I plan on finishing mine within 7 days to be safe )

     It was a good thanksgiving with two feasts instead of one.

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