Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 24th- Mini Vegetable Sandwiches

     Like...literally vegetable literal as you can be with that word.
     Yea, I know, its weird. I don't usually go for foods that say cute or witty.
     My girlfriend needed hor d'ourves whipped up for a celebration at her friend's house. I got put on duty for that, and it had to be practically allergen
     So lets see, no cheese, no bread, no soy, no cream, bo nuts...and she didn't want eggs in them either. That's like everything that appitizers are.
     I'll admit, these aren't perfect, but they are very munchable little things. and not to mention exceedingly healthy and low calorie.
     The presentation was done on a paper plate, I didnt want to set up the display twice.
Smooth, right?

Here's what you'll need!

A handful of baby carrots
A handfull of cherry tomatoes
A handful of lettuce
And a bunch of fancy toothpicks.

     Obviously this was more about show than deep deep flavors. Visual is important to though, sometimes.

Lets Get Cooking!

     Cut the carrots in half long ways, then short ways.
     Quarter your tomatoes, and chop your lettuce.
     Start making little submarine sandwiches. Carrot, tomato, lettuce, carrot, sticking them with the toothpicks.

     If you get a group full of people to devour something made fully of vegetables, you know its got to both look good and taste good.
     If you want some more flavors, try dipping them in your favorite dressing and treating them like little salad sticks.
     They didn't quite clear the plate, but not to many made it back to me.


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